01 Blushing Rose

01 Blushing Rose

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A reminder to love.


Whether enjoyed alone or with others, we like to think of tea as a gesture of care (or self-care) and as an opportunity to pause, reflect and recharge.

We have created our first ever blend to homage this belief. 

Blushing Rose is a natural and caffeine-free herbal infusion made from a mixture of rose petals, rosehip, hibiscus, strawberries and blackcurrant leaves. 

Gentle and calming, it can be enjoyed at any time of day. 

Standout features of Blushing Rose are its beautiful aroma and delicate flavour. The rose petals provide a sweet and floral taste, while the other botanicals work together to create a balanced and harmonious blend. The tea has a gentle sweetness that provides a comforting experience, bringing a sense of warmth and peace to your everyday life. 

Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment of self-reflection or sharing a cup with someone special, Blushing Rose is your reminder to love - yourself, others or both. 


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