The Female Founders Advent Calendar 2023

The Female Founders Advent Calendar 2023

Made by women, for women. 


We are incredibly excited to introduce you to the Female Founders Advent Calendar.

We've teamed up with Lyfta and other incredible brands, all founded by women, to bring you an advent calendar filled with self-care and uplifting surprises.

This December, join us on an extraordinary journey of empowerment, connection, and support with this unique advent calendar. 

Our mission is not just to spread holiday cheer but to create a space where we can empower, support, and connect. That's why we've decided to donate the proceeds to the Kering Foundation, an organisation dedicated to fighting violence against women.

By participating in this empowering journey, you're not only treating yourself; you're also making a meaningful difference in the lives of women in need. It's a unique way to celebrate the holiday season with purpose and generosity.


Female founders calendar    Female founders advent calendar 2023 


So, what can you expect from our Female Founders Advent Calendar?

  1. 25 days of surprises: Each day, you'll open a new drawer, revealing handpicked surprises from female-founded brands. These surprises include beauty essentials, self-care indulgences, and more. You'll find original sizes, deluxe samples, and limited editions, all carefully curated to elevate your beauty routine.

  2. Inspiration and empowerment: Our daily surprises are more than just products. They are designed to inspire, uplift, and empower you as you celebrate the holiday season. Each brand has a unique story and mission, and we've included a card with each product to share their journeys and visions. It's a daily dose of motivation and connection.

  3. A unique journey: This advent calendar is a one-of-a-kind experience that unites and supports female-founded brands like never before. It's an opportunity to discover and support businesses led by inspiring women, all in one festive package.


Let's come together to empower, inspire, and make a difference


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