What Is Cacao Tea?

What Is Cacao Tea?


Discovering Cacao Tea: A Rich and Invigorating Brew


In the realm of comforting beverages, a new contender has been making a quiet but delicious entrance, offering not only a wonderful taste but also a rather unique experience.

Cacao tea, often referred to as chocolate tea delivers a rich, aromatic infusion derived from the cacao bean husks. With a history as rich as its flavour, cacao tea offers a journey through tradition and innovation.


Origins and History

The story of cacao tea dates back centuries, tracing its roots to the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations. Cacao, revered as the "food of the gods," was consumed as a frothy, bitter beverage during sacred rituals and esteemed for its invigorating and restorative properties. Over time, this ancient tradition has resurfaced, bringing the essence of this revered bean to modern tea and health enthusiasts.


How It’s Made

Cacao tea is crafted from the husks or shells of cacao beans, a byproduct of the chocolate-making process. These husks are dried and then roasted to bring out their robust and aromatic flavours. The resulting brew embodies the essence of chocolate without the sweetness, offering a distinct and satisfying taste.


Flavour, Aroma and Versatility

The flavour profile of cacao tea is a harmonious blend of delicate bitterness and a subtle hint of chocolate, intertwined with earthy undertones. This distinctive combination results in a soothing and comforting experience.

One of the most enticing aspects of cacao tea is its versatility. It can be enjoyed in various ways: brewed hot or cold, infused with other herbs or spices, or even combined with milk or a dash of sweetener for a richer experience. The adaptability of this beverage allows for a myriad of creative concoctions to suit different preferences and moods


Health Benefits

Beyond its indulgent taste, cacao tea brings a host of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and theobromine, it offers a natural energy boost without the jitters often associated with caffeine. The theobromine content, known for its mood-enhancing properties, creates a gentle uplift, making this beverage an ideal choice for those looking for a natural stimulant.


Cultural Significance

Cacao tea's cultural significance extends beyond its consumption. It embodies a fusion of ancient traditions and modern tastes, resonating with those who appreciate the historical significance of this revered beverage. Its revival not only reintroduces an ancient practice but also celebrates the heritage and craftsmanship involved in its creation.



As a byproduct of the chocolate-making process, the husks used to create cacao tea represent a beautiful example of waste reduction and efficient use of resources. By repurposing these husks that would otherwise be discarded, cacao tea promotes a more sustainable approach within the food and drink industry. One more reason to love cacao tea.


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